Choice and Consequence Part 1

17 Oct

Opening Statement

You know. I had this whole idea for a blog a couple of weeks ago focused on choices. I planned out what  I wanted to say, and how I could execute getting my point across. Well I made a choice tonight. A choice to throw all of  that preconceived planning out the window.

What it comes down to is that we make choices everyday. What to wear. What music to listen to. Where to go. Who to be. To take the highway or the back roads. To text someone or call them. To keep trying or to just give up. Its suffice, and at this point almost cliché, to say that life is just one big choice.

This begs the question, then, what happens when one of these choices we make turns out to be the wrong one? It is easy to happen given, as I just stated, that our life is dictated by choices. And it is something that happens quite more than we like to admit. So with this logic in mind, we come to the conclusion that with every choice there is consequence. This is an easy enough idea to come to on your own, but I feel it needs to be stated.

I, myself, have made some bad choices. I guess I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t. I would be lying not only to you, but myself if I said I didn’t have regrets. This is a self delusion that I believe many have when dealing with decisions. There are plenty of things that I wish that I would have done, and others that I shouldn’t have said. Over the course of the next few blog entries I will be discussing my thoughts on the simplistic depth of choice and consequence.



This weekend

16 Oct

In lieu of this weekend,

and we could be a snapshot
framed, and hung like a portrait
and what if that’s true,
and i’m the only one who knows it?

Pretty great weekend with one of my favorite people, and my best friend. And this is one of my favorite lyrics for other reasons entirely.




9 Oct

My head is the house of all the things I wish I could say.






P.S. Real Update Coming soon.


7 Oct

An adventurer limited by practicality.



6 Oct

Still Awake.



3 Oct

I so hate consequences.


One Sentence Sum Up #1

2 Oct

I  am more sure than ever.

Mountains 4