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This weekend

16 Oct

In lieu of this weekend,

and we could be a snapshot
framed, and hung like a portrait
and what if that’s true,
and i’m the only one who knows it?

Pretty great weekend with one of my favorite people, and my best friend. And this is one of my favorite lyrics for other reasons entirely.





28 Sep

So here I am. Yep, right here.

Yet again, I am unable to conjure up that little fairy that douses you in that magical sand, making you fall asleep. I must have really pissed him off in a past life. I like to think it was because I stole his girlfriend. I am just suave like that.

Tomorrow night I leave for Atlanta. I am pretty excited about it, I must say. I mean anything that gets me out of the house, or state, will probably make my day. I am worried though. Worried for stupid reasons that I will just have to get over.

Now that I have my Kindle again, I realize how much I have missed it. The past couple of months I have to admit that I have really not read that much. Not that I haven’t wanted to. Its just hard to carry around a real paper book. Maybe not hard as much as inconvenient. Now that I have my Kindle back it hasn’t left my side. I have already read three books in the last week. And it feels good.



Well that is all for tonight. I will leave it with this:

It is just in my nature to overanalyze. Its what I do. I have decided that its really just inescapable. Oh well.


Not Quite Hamlet

26 Sep

To make a post, or not to make a post. That is the question.

The answer is yes, of course. I was debating on whether to when I was using the floor machine tonight at work, then I ran into a wine rack. Yes I said it. I ran the floor machine into a wine rack destroying close to a thousand dollars worth a product. If that’s not note worthy of a blog, I don’t know what is.

So I guess its been a while since I made a post. Well I did make a post, but just deleted it. It was too…depressing? Stupid? Annoying? Take your choice of any of those words. That’s what my last post was. Moving on though: Life has been pretty stagnant lately. Work. School. Work. School. Rest Day. Rinse and repeat. It gets boring after a while, as you can see. At least this weekend might turn that around for a while. I will get to spend it with a few of my favorite people in Atlanta. It is definitely a change from the status quo that my life has become.

I want to write more, but I have to be up in the morning for school and need to go to sleep ASAP. I just wanted to make a quick update of sorts.


New Updates Coming

5 Sep

You know what? It’s funny. I come on here all the time to check my blog for comments and what not, but I never make any new posts. Its been a good 8 months since I last made an update, which is kind of sad.  I was lazy. I have a lot of new stuff I want to write about and plan to start making full fledged updates in the coming future. Probably tomorrow. Hopefully.

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Thanks for viewing.



26 Oct

Well This really isn’t the best time for an update. But oh well. I made a promise to myself as  I sat in Creative Writing today that I would make one.

Today before class I just sat outside on a bench watching people.

I came to the conclusion that people who go to Upstate are rather boring.


In other news I really need to get back to writing soon. Stupid school and work are bogging me down, and I don’t even go to class half the time. I mean if I actually did what I was suppose to my life would be way more hectic.


I have a sort of serial project in mind though, one that will be collaboratly done with other bloggers who admire the written word as much as I do.


I kind of let certain things get me down today; I then remembered not to care.