28 Sep

So here I am. Yep, right here.

Yet again, I am unable to conjure up that little fairy that douses you in that magical sand, making you fall asleep. I must have really pissed him off in a past life. I like to think it was because I stole his girlfriend. I am just suave like that.

Tomorrow night I leave for Atlanta. I am pretty excited about it, I must say. I mean anything that gets me out of the house, or state, will probably make my day. I am worried though. Worried for stupid reasons that I will just have to get over.

Now that I have my Kindle again, I realize how much I have missed it. The past couple of months I have to admit that I have really not read that much. Not that I haven’t wanted to. Its just hard to carry around a real paper book. Maybe not hard as much as inconvenient. Now that I have my Kindle back it hasn’t left my side. I have already read three books in the last week. And it feels good.



Well that is all for tonight. I will leave it with this:

It is just in my nature to overanalyze. Its what I do. I have decided that its really just inescapable. Oh well.



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