Creative Writing Story

30 Nov

Point of View

The fall air was cold against the skin, stinging with each new burst of wind. Leaves crunched underneath Bright’s feet as he walked. Beside him, keeping the same measured stride was Sophie. It had been a while since either had said anything, each focused on their nameless destination. Bright looked over at her and couldn’t help but admire the way her hair fell across her shoulders; or the greenish gray eyes that always seemed to help mask her, already, enigmatic personality; or even the style of clothes she wore, a mix between hipster and hippie. He wondered what they were doing here with one another. This had been her idea after all. Another burst of wind attacked his face as they continued to walk.

The colors of fall were in full swing now, with trees decorated in orange, brown, and gold. The grass was on the verge of dying, an unavoidable casualty that came as an unwanted constant every fall. Overhead the sky was gray, a sign that the chill in the air was here to stay and wasn’t planning on going anywhere. Up ahead, in the distance, the sound of running water filled the silence that lived in between the gusts of wind.

What was she doing? Just an hour before Sophie had known exactly what she wanted to say. She had rehearsed it in her head over, and over, and over again before calling Bright, making sure that this very thing wouldn’t happen. Shows what good that did. With him actually in front of her she was at a loss for words. Other than some introductory lines, seeing how the other had been and just getting caught up, not a word had been said. Instead they just walked. She glanced over and caught him looking at her. She knew he was expecting something, but she just continued walking, still not able to find the words. She pulled her jacket tight, as a gust of wind hit her.

In the distance a face was put to the sound of the running water, as a creek could now be made out. It wound around a hill side, and was shaded under multicolored canopies made up by the trees around it. The leaves already began to fill the creek, and soon would envelope it. The sound of the running water became louder as they inched closer; the rush of the water echoing off the hill side, making the creek seem bigger than it actually was.

Bright looked up at the vast emptiness of the sky. It had been 6 months since the last time either had had seen each other, their last encounter being one of disaster. He had made the unfortunate move of showing all of his cards, an impulse that you should never ever succumb to. After a night of restlessness he had ended up on her door step at two in the morning. He had told her everything. He had told her how whenever he was around her he had to actually stop himself from staring. He told her how even on his worst days, he could always count on her making them brighter. He told her how sometimes he would make some of the lamest excuses to see her. He told her too much. She just wasn’t looking for that. She tried to explain that she wasn’t in a place where what he wanted could be possible, but he didn’t want to hear it. He knew what he wanted, and what he wanted was her.

The creek was close now. The sound of the water echoed louder than ever. It wouldn’t be long before they would have to stop and talk, or turn around and go home. This would be the climax, something they both knew. Once they got to the creek, the truth behind this whole trip would come out.

How had he done it? How was he able to come out and say point blank, “You’re the one I want.” How was he able to do it, when now she couldn’t work up the courage to even find the words that would put justice to what she had to say? Better question, why had she reacted the way she did when he had told her? She had wanted it too. Now that she wanted him to know her feelings, she was too afraid to let him in on the secret. There had just always been something about Bright. Maybe it was the way his Green eyes always had a sense of wonder. Or was it the way that he could turn a bad situation into a memorable event? Or maybe, even, that no matter what, he could always make her laugh. Whatever it was, it worked.

Bright looked over at Sophie as they came to a stop at the creek bed, she looked to be lost in deep thought. “So what are we doing here, Soph?” he asked, trying to nudge the encounter along.

She looked up at him, as if noticing for the first time that he was there. She still didn’t know what to say, so she just looked at him.

“Is everything alright?” he wanted to know what was going on more than ever.

“Of course everything is alright,” she didn’t want him to worry over nothing. This wasn’t that big of a deal.

“Well then, what is all of this about? Why did you call me?”

It was now or never, she had to make her move,” I called you for the same reason that you showed up on my doorstep the last time we talked.” She stopped and when he didn’t say anything she continued, “When you told me how you felt, I didn’t know what to say. More than that I was scared. I was scared because I felt the same way about you. I made up some lame excuse for why this wouldn’t work and I am sorry Bright. I should have told you this 6 months ago, but I want to be with you.”

Bright didn’t say anything.

“Bri…” she began, but before she could finish out his name, his lips were on hers, and their arms interlocked.

He pulled away for a moment, smiling, “ I had hoped you would say that.”


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