27 Oct

Well last night I had an interesting conversation that went about like I expected it to.

Welp I have a test today. In fact its in an hour and a half. Am I studying for it? No. Am I prepared at all? No. Am I even the slightest bit worried about how its going to turn out? No. I have the strangest reactions to test. Where as most people actually care. I just can’t muster up what ever it is that strikes fear into the hearts of students. Why is that I wonder?

I need a new book here soon. Something that can take me away from everything. I need to be in another world for the next little bit. Just until I can get what is going on in my mind straightened out. It has never ceased to amaze how when you read the words disappear and imagination takes over. Its easily one of the most magnificent  skills that we as humans have developed.

Well its about that time. I should probably go get a shower and try to get this car to start.



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