Blue Skies

12 Oct

One of the things I have found myself doing more and more here recently is sitting on my front steps and looking up at the sky. One thing you can always count on is the inconsistency of the mass that finds itself hovering over head. It almost mimics life in that fact. Life doesn’t stay the same for long;quickly changing from one event to another. Can you imagine if it did though? How stagnant it would become?

I know I haven’t actually posted a really entry to this blog in a long while. I am sorry for that. What can I say? I got overwhelmed with life. It happens. Between moving out, fixing a car, renovating a kitchen and bathroom, starting back school, starting a new job, life can get tough. Its weird really. I have learned so many new skills in the past couple of months, learned so many new things about what I am capable of that it feels almost worth it.

Well that’s all I want to say for now. Its starting to rain so I should head back in. I hope to be more consistent with this in the future.


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