The Agency

30 Sep

“Heather, Run.”

Click. Boom.

The sound of the gun resonated through the warehouse, making it sound louder than it actually was. I glanced behind me, sparing only a second, to make sure Heather was getting away safely; the gun rested cold in my hand. She had stopped, most likely from the fear of hearing the sound of the gun shot.

“Heather, keep running,” I yelled back to her,” I have this under control.”

She hadn’t signed up for this. I had. I was recruited young by The Agency. The Agency. Such a generic name for an organization whose purpose was anything but.

In front of me stood a man clad in all black. He was shaved bald, with a scar that spread across his scalp. He looked to be of Latino descent, but you could never tell with these kinds of people. Our guns were locked on one another.

“You know what we want Llexton,” his voice not betraying where he was from.

“I do, but you can’t have it,” I said, sounding confident.

“Fine, we will take her from you.”

The Agency had recruited me my junior year of high school. It was after I had scored well on some aptitude test or another; one of the many random ones you have to take throughout your high school career. I was never really told what they based their selection on, but they contacted me.

Before he could finish “you” I had already begun firing my gun again. He ducked and rolled to the left. I was expecting it; lowering my gun to where I thought he would be. This time he wasn’t so fast; one of my bullets pierced his shoulder as he tried to jump away again.

I heard him before I saw him, managing to get out of the way before he could get a lock on me. To my right another black clad man, this one sporting a long blonde ponytail; most likely German. He must have been there the entire time, waiting for the best time to strike. I focused on him and fired off a round. It missed, but gave me enough time to react to the new player in the game.

The Agency had trained me. They wanted me, as of all members of the organization, to be a weapon. They taught me how to fight. They taught me how to shoot. Most of all they taught me how to deceive. We were players in a game of war, and the world was our battlefield.

He was smarter than his partner. Instead of letting me force him into the positions that I wanted him in, he took up an automatic offense. He fired at me, almost supernaturally knowing each move I would make. It was taking everything I had to keep a half a second ahead of him. I could feel the rush of air as each bullet missed by centimeters. I finally got to cover, by jumping behind a stack of boxes.

“Why is it that you want her so bad,” I asked from behind my hiding place, trying to stall for more time to think.

“The same reason that you don’t want us to have her,” it was the Latino man that answered.

“All she is to me is a mission; they don’t tell us lowly foot soldiers the reason behind any of our assignments,” it was a lie.

The Agency had given me this assignment believing that I was the best man for the job. It was simple; I was supposed to infiltrate Heather’s life and become a close friend to her. She was daughter of a very powerful man; one who could change the outcome of many things politically. The Agency felt it in their best interest to protect the daughter of such a man; finding it dangerous to leave her unguarded. If ever kidnapped, many bad decisions could be forced to be made by her father.

The Agency had enrolled me in her private college over a year ago. From there I proceeded with my mission of befriending the girl to get a better stance to protect her with. Deception was my best talent, and it didn’t take long for me to get a key position in her life. We became close. Closer than I ever anticipated. Then things changed in ways that I never expected them to.

“Come on Llexton, we know you’re smarter than that,” this time it was the German, he also was without accent, “we read your file. We know you’re in the upper ranks of The Agency.”

“Aww you read my file, that makes me feel all sorts of special inside,” always cocky.

“Listen here you are going to give us the girl, we will kill you. Your life doesn’t matter to us,” it was the Latino; I had got under his skin, his voice betrayed his position.

He was already injured. With a gunshot wound in his right shoulder, he would be slower than his counterpart. Keeping his approximate position in mind I leapt out from behind the boxes, made a lock, and fired. This took him by surprise; the bullet penetrating his chest. He fell to the floor; unmoving. I quickly jumped behind another stack of boxes, as a bullet flew by. One down. One to go.

Then I heard the fast pace of footsteps. It was the German he was running towards the door Heather had went out. Cursing to myself, I ran out, trying to get him in my line of sight but it was too late. He was already heading out the door. Without hesitating, I followed.

Heather slowly started meaning more and more to me. The more I hung out with her the more I liked everything about her. This conflicted greatly with my mission; and if The Agency had ever found out, I would be terminated on the spot. None of this mattered to me. Things progressed between us.

The German’s gun was locked on Heather, “ Come with me, and you won’t get hurt.”

“Heather don’t listen to him.”

“Llexton, what is going on? Why is this happening?” She pleaded , fear hung on every word.

“I can explain later.”

“Why don’t you tell her Llexton?” The German said mockingly, “ Tell her about The Agency. Tell her about your assignment to get closer to her. Tell her about the deception.”

“Llexton?” she asked, confusion and hurt present on her face.

“Hea…” I was cut off by the sound of an helicopter over head.

“Looks like it is our pick up,” the German said, obviously happy at this fact.

I was helpless to do anything. If this ended up in a gun fight, Heather would be put in danger; but she would also be put in danger if I didn’t do anything. I was frozen with indecrsion. Behind Heather the Helicopter landed.

A squad of three men jumped out of the Helicopter. They grabbed Heather pulling her torwards their get away. They pulled her into danger. They pulled her away from me.

“Llexton,” She screamed as she disappeared into the black of the helicopter.

The Helicopter took off, leaving behind only the German with a smile of victory on his face. I would end that.

I locked my gun on my oppenent. His gun was locked on me. I was tired, and angry, and just didn’t care anymore. I let my training take over. I jumped to the side, leading my oppenent and fired. The bullet hit and he crumpled. He was still alive but not for long. I walked up to him, and finished it.

I was left alone.

Filled with sorrow.

I had failed.


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