Plato and Fitzgerald

29 Jun

Well my medicine is finally kicking in. Thank God. Going the last 4 days without it has been really sucky. I have barely been able to function, and I hate that, not to mention I have been pretty short with people. Oh well I won’t ever have to deal with that again, now that I have 3 refills. That makes me happy. Enough about my drug addictions(relax its only Prozac).

Abby is such a weird dog. For instance. Last night she hid behind a table for like 3 hours, no joke, looking around trying to make sure we were not going to mess with her. I have to say she is a pretty cool dog though. Just wanted to make that little comment.

Well tonight will be another night of what I usually do. Swimming. I love night swimming its so fun. No one is around. And the water feels like bathwater.

I have been in a bad mood today. I am going to just blame it on lack of medicine. I just haven’t really had much faith in anything. I know that’s pretty pessimistic of me. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

I know this is update wasn’t that good, but I promise a better one soon.


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