Ugh says I

9 Jun

Well as the subject to this post says I am in a very “ugh” mood right now. I seriously don’t know what is wrong with me. I must be in a rut or something. Its been a week since I last wrote anything. Aside from that I can’t read, eat, or sleep.  So I have decided that the only way to get out of this feeling of detachment is to force myself to snap out of it.





Well that didn’t seem to work too well.

Oh well. it was a nice thought.

So I guess I will just write and catch everyone up on what has been going on for the last week. Mostly it consisted of a lot of just sitting around watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and playing Pokémon. When I wasn’t doing that though I was hanging with the roommates and going swimming. It’s been a pretty boring week, and very not productive at all. Remember a couple of weeks ago when I said I was going to spend the day writing? Well that didn’t work out so well. I ended up just being lazy, and not doing anything at all.

I need to write. I have been so slack lately when it comes to that. The only way I am going to get better is if I do it everyday, and so far I can’t seem to bring myself to do that. I know its so lame for me to say, but I need inspiration. What a poor excuse, for being lazy.

Well I have to get off and go take a look at my car. The stupid thing has been leaking oil.

My intentions are to make another update tonight. Hopefully it will be better than this one.


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