Monday Night Work

25 May

Well I am bored. Again.

Tonight was lame. I spent it at the dreaded Chuck E. Cheese. I hate working there. Its full of spoiled little brats who expect the world to be given to them, and their parents who are inconsiderate and stay there 30 minutes after the store closes. It is completely ridiculous. I need a new job.

Now that I am done with that rant lets move on.

My roommates always end up making me laugh. I don’t think its right that I get so much enjoyment out of them being completely drunk, but I do. They act so funny. They also have some ridiculous notions about the way I should handle some of the relationships in my life. Notions that are completely wrong, and I am going to ignore 100%. This just in: Blake just commented on how small Abby(Our dog) is for the 4th time tonight.

So there is something that I have been thinking about a lot these last couple of days. AJ leaves for 2 months come Thursday, and I have decided I am going to really 31752_1267299051302_1494570015_30560501_549922_nmiss her. I understand that she is going to Alabama to do a lot of good things in the name of God, and that is something that I admire a lot about her, but I will miss her none the less. Over the last year, me and her have gotten really close. I have so much fun when we hang out, mainly because it always ends up with us breaking rules and doing things that we are not suppose to do such as going swimming at 2 in the morning, having an egg war in the middle of the haven, or sneaking into elementary school playgrounds. I am ready for her to get back already, and she has not even left yet.

Well South Park is on so I am going to watch that. Stay tuned for my short story in the next couple of days.



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